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C. Michael Biggs, Pastor,
Chapel Hill United Methodist Church
"C. Bruce Flanagan performed extremely well in helping Chapel Hill United Methodist Church in developing, organizing, and implementing a Job Seekers Support Group."
Kathy Gurzynski, Pastoral Associate,
Holy Spirit Parish at Geist
"Bruce has excellent insight into how the unemployed person is suffering mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Also, how unemployment is a total family problem not just an individual problem."
R. Michael Reed, Senior Pastor,
Fishers United Methodist Church
"We want to recommend highly the support group for people between jobs that Bruce Flanagan has put together and led here at Fishers United Methodist Church."
M. Kent Mallard, Senior Pastor,
St. Luke’s United Methodist Church
" Bruce comes from a strong faith and a strong passion for helping the unemployed and the job seekers. He lives an 'others centered life' and derives great pleasure from what he can do for others. He lives his philosophy of 'it's not about you, it is about them.' "
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